Travel in Style

SloSun offers a genuine yachting experience, sailing aboard our beautiful 38ft luxury Lagoon catamaran ‘Sunique’. Our aim is to provide guests with an exceptional experience and memories to take home, in comfort and safety aboard ‘Sunique’. We are a newly formed company with what we believe to be a fresh, fun approach to yacht charter. Owned and crewed by sailors passionate about yachting, we want to show you the captivating magic too.


A day or evening sail on Gibraltar Bay is a must for every visitor to the Rock – so join us for one of our signature cruises. This is a great opportunity to get out on the water, watch amazing sunsets, enjoy fabulous food and just experience the feeling of freedom sailing brings with like minded fellow travellers. Enthusiastic guests are welcome to assist the crew in setting the sails, taking the helm, and learning the ropes under the patient and watchful eye of our Captain.

We love being out on the deep blue with its vastness and unending movement, its colours, its beauty, the promise of the horizon. To spend time surrounded by the sea is to spend time revisiting who we are. A bit like glamping, we can step away from our crazy chaotic lives for a time and most importantly into a gentle but deep reminder of who we can be. We are often joined by our famous dolphins, migrating birds and even flying fish!


And why sailing, not motoring? Apart from the power of the wind being free, it’s a combination of something elemental; boat, waves, wind, sails. There’s nothing more exhilarating than hearing the sails fill with wind, cutting the engines and seeing the wake of the boat behind you. Sealife agrees and will come to say hello to a sail-powered vessel and play in the bow wave. Enjoy a 4 hour lunch cruise, or an evening sail in the Bay of Gibraltar.